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Summer Thoughts

We are seeing clients in our modestly sized conference room again, after a long hiatus.  We continue to ask clients to arrive at the office with masks, regardless of vaccination status.


The legislature has finally wound up, making some happy and disappointing others.    Some day I hope CT will join the I think 10 other states that give a terminally ill “qualified patient” the right to obtain medical aid in dying and end their suffering at a time they think right for them.    Marijuana now legal here.    I was in Sturbridge the other day and saw the billboards advertising dispensaries with a mixture of feelings.   Some things do change but glacially.   This I think is a positive thing mostly because of how so many young people have been burdened with criminal records because of the prohibition, and revelations from the Nixon years shed light about the political motivation for some of the aggressive anti marijuana laws .    Although I will probably grumble as I wander through shopping venues with marijuana wafting in the air.


If you or a loved one are living in a nursing facility, be sure to look into the new law that allows electronic technology to be more in contact with those so often isolated.    Kudos to the state ombudsman that pressed hard for this law, as did many others.


Best wishes.    Please remember the articles offered are for general information purposes only, and must not be relied upon as legal advice.    Please remember to consult with an experienced attorney when engaging in any legal endeavor.

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