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June Thoughts from Attorney Jim Young

From time to time, even those who want to be well informed about the extraordinary events impacting our country, want to take a time out, so to speak.  I was in need of a bit of refuge recently, and looking through our bookcase came across something that always makes me smile and feel things maybe aren’t quite as bad, and perhaps it would do the same for you.  The book (a collection of many short pieces published in a newspaper – remember them – about 100 years ago)… this is Archy and Mehitabel, by Don Marquis.  I imagine many of you are familiar with Archy’s travails… and Mehitabel’s… Archie is a cockroach (reincarnated from his prior life as a poet), and Mehitabel (a streetwise alley cat who in one of her prior lives was Cleopatra).  Great stuff.  Many of James Thurber’s writings can serve the same function.  A short google search can bring you to “The Dog Who Bit People”….very fun and a ten minute read or so.

We hope you will find our other articles of some interest.   And please remember they are not intended as legal advice for any specific situation, but rather as general information pieces.   Please consult with an experienced advisor before undertaking any important step.

Best wishes, Jim.

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