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Nips, Nickels and Pets

I recently read an article about how local towns are receiving money based on the number of “nips” (about 1.5 ounces) that are sold in the town.  I think many of us have been dismayed at the number of nip…

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Uncomfortable Conversations

Uncomfortable conversations... of the many worth having, here’s one. While a large percentage of Americans do not have any estate plan documents, I suspect that percentage is particularly large for young, single, adults.   We have seen a number of difficult…

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June Thoughts from Attorney Jim Young

From time to time, even those who want to be well informed about the extraordinary events impacting our country, want to take a time out, so to speak.  I was in need of a bit of refuge recently, and looking…

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Christmas 2021

Another holiday changed in ways no one would want, because of the virus.   Another holiday without some loved ones near...and for those near these holiday photos with lots of masks will be easy to identify as from this year...”oh, that…

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Summer Thoughts

We are seeing clients in our modestly sized conference room again, after a long hiatus.  We continue to ask clients to arrive at the office with masks, regardless of vaccination status.   The legislature has finally wound up, making some…

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May Thoughts from Attorney Young

Over the past year, many attorneys took steps to modify their offices to follow CDC social distancing guidelines. Although we are keeping some of the changes made, we are removing others.   For example, we built a large partition between two…

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