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“Not Honesty Alone…”

Closing Thoughts by Jim Young Sponsored by Andrews & Young, PC November 21, 2014 HOME SOURCE view PDF here I had reason the other day to be reflecting on the duties of a trustee to the beneficiaries of a…

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Transfer of Home to Children – Pros and Cons

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The purpose of this outline is to familiarize the reader with some of the various laws and considerations relating to transfers of property to children.  However, since this is only a summary, since the laws change frequently and…

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Estate Planning Handbook

What is it that clients generally hope to achieve through an estate plan? To maintain control of their assets as long as reasonably possible;To create a plan to manage their assets and protect themselves and their loved ones if incapacity…

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Protecting Life Savings from Nursing Home Costs

Please read this for general information only and verify the information herein with an experienced attorney. The rules discussed herein change from time to time, and planning should only be done with the assistance of an experienced attorney. This discussion…

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Should you be part of our Maintenance Plan?

Generally, after a client signs the documents the Will or Trust or other estate plan documents a lawyer has prepared, the attorney – client relationship is officially over, and the clients are encouraged to come back to the firm every…

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