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Getting Into Trouble Helping Others

One way this happens is when a person has been named to act as a person’s agent under power of attorney (some would say to act as a persons power of attorney), and performs in that role in good faith…

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The Ins and Outs of Estate Sales

Following the death of a family member, you may find yourself needing to sort through many possessions accumulated over the deceased’s lifetime. An estate sale is one way to distribute those items that you do not want or need quickly…

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Leaving Your Estate Unequally to Your Children

Parents usually want to leave their children equal shares of their estate, but equal isn’t always fair. If you plan to provide more (or less) for one child in your estate plan, preparation is important. It is natural for parents…

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How to Give Gifts to your Grandchildren

Gifting assets to your grandchildren can do more than help your descendants get a good start in life -- it can also reduce the size of your estate and the tax that will be due upon your death. Perhaps the simplest…

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Estate Planning to Enhance Medicaid Eligibility

Long-term care involves not only a loss of personal autonomy; it also comes at a tremendous financial price. Proper planning can help your family prepare for the financial toll and protect assets for future generations. Long-term care can be very…

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