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Residential Real Estate

For most people, the purchase of residential real estate is the largest financial undertaking of their lives. Our attorneys and real estate paralegals have many years of experience in assisting clients in the purchase, sale, and finance / refinance of their homes, or investment residential real estate. You may also want to speak to related professionals such as Lincoln Frost as well as others like him, so you can find out everything that you need and plan accordingly for what you want to do with your real estate.

Please also look at the Articles section of this site for “Real Estate Matters – Frequently Asked Questions“, where you may find some things of interest regarding residential real estate transactions.

Typically clients do not see a lawyer in regard to the purchase and sale of residential real estate until after they have already signed a contract, and in most circumstances no harm comes from this. However, if you are uncomfortable signing a real estate contract until you have reviewed it with an attorney, we include the review of a contract within the scope of the services we provide to all of our real estate clients.

Once a contract is signed by the parties, our experienced attorneys and paralegals work as a team to represent your interests.

Part of our services for a buyer typically includes title insurance to protect the buyer’s investment in the property, and upon inquiry we can tell you what the title insurance premium will be for a purchase.

At times, we will represent the purchaser and also the mortgage company providing funds for the purchase, as such is typical in closings in our area.

Finally, we attend the real estate closing and (where we are representing a purchaser) will record the deed and mortgage instruments in the Land Records.

When we represent the Seller in a real estate transaction, we work with the Seller and the broker to ensure that commitments are obtained from all mortgage holders so that a closing can occur with proper assurances that mortgages and liens on the property being sold will be released.

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