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Estate Planning, Probate & Elder Law,
Trusts & Real Estate



The purpose of this site is to introduce you to our firm and to give you some insight into our values and how we approach our work and relationships with our clients and community, and to serve as a resource for the matters we address on this site.

Some of the things we help clients with:

  • planning for possible loss of ability to make financial or medical decisions
  • planning to minimize conflict in the family at client’s incapacity or death
  • creating a plan to efficiently pass on property and assets at death through Wills or Trusts
  • reducing / minimizing estate taxes
  • planning for the possibility of long term care / nursing home costs / qualifying for medicaid
  • can I prevent being subjected to unwanted medical care if I am incapacitated?
  • estate taxes, do we still have to worry about them?
  • how do I protect my child’s inheritance from being lost in a divorce or through poor judgment?
  • my spouse / child relies on me to take care of them, who will do this if I can’t?
  • protecting assets and income while qualifying for medicaid / title 19 to pay long term care costs
  • why are people giving their homes to their children, and should we do that?
  • Mom / Dad / a loved one is failing, what can I do to help them?
  • conservatorship, what is it / can it be helpful / can we plan to avoid it?
  • helping clients “avoid probate” / when that may make sense – or not
  • my child / loved one is disabled, how can I benefit them and also maintain their benefits?
  • tax laws have changed, do we still need a trust?
  • complex family situations / blended families / second marriages / how to balance the interests?
  • same sex couples – what special concerns do we have to worry about, especially if we are not married?
  • older adults living together unmarried, what can we do to prevent complications?
  • why a lot of assets may not be governed by your Will and how to plan for that
  • how should I plan for my IRA / retirement account? Special rules
  • I have a Trust but I don’t really understand it, what should I do?
  • I understand tax laws have changed – can I simplify my plan?
  • my spouse has died – do I need to do anything?
  • Do I really need a Trust or can I have a simpler and still good plan with a Will?
  • purchase and sale of real estate and management of it in an estate / trust
  • I’m the trustee of a trust, what are my duties and responsibilities
  • I’ve been appointed as an executor or conservator, what do I have to do?

Attorneys Andrews & Young

We listen, and don’t rush things, and want to help you think deeply about your concerns and goals.

We work to de-mystify the process of making an “estate plan”, and try to avoid jargon. We try to help you clearly see the issues you may be facing, and the choices available to you.

Our Commitment

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"Estate Attorney James Young first touched my life, when my husband and I were transferring the title of our new house. We were impressed with his proficiency. We next reached out to Jim to prepare our wills and power of attorneys. When my husband died, Jim counseled and supported me through this horrible time. I appreciated his compassionate understanding. With Jim's guidance I've just updated my will, power of attorney, and health care directives. It's comforting to know Jim will be counseling and supporting my loved ones, when they need it."

"My wife and I are very happy that we were referred to Andrews & Young, PC.  Attorney Young and his staff were outstanding during the process of creating our Will and Trust.  Attorney Young was patient, thoughtful and thorough during the entire process.  Even throughout the COVID-19 crisis, James and his team found a way to get the job done correctly.  We highly recommend their services."

B, from East Lyme

“My husband and I are in our late 60s. It was important to us to put an estate plan in place and avoid probate. Jim Young was highly recommended by our financial advisor. Our initial consultation with Jim was very informative and we felt comfortable hiring him as our estate planning lawyer. We met Jim several times, had many discussions, and Jim presented us with several options to met our specific needs. Because this was a second marriage for my husband and I and we each had children and grandchildren from a previous marriage, our circumstances presented a more complex plan. Jim navigated us through this conversation and process with patience and thoughtfulness.”

Anonymous Client
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